Something Goin' On Here

Recorded at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, B.C., as well as at my friend Garth Richardson’s “The Farm” studio in Gibsons, B.C., “Something Goin’ On Here” definitely was the next level up for me on the Canadian country music scene.  Filled with impacting tracks like “My Way”, “John Roland Wood” and “Lucky For Me” that were all successful radio and video hits.  But the one song that really made the biggest impression from this album was “New Frontier”.  Radio people alike who were in country radio back in 2004 when the single was released still say today that it was the one song that set the bar that much higher for Canadian country artists. That’s a testament to my producer, Tom McKillip, the musicians, the songwriters and all of our focus to making sure this was the best recording possible.  Mission accomplished!