Consider This

To be honest, this wasn’t my first album of songs.  The true first record was called “Young In Love” and had 5 songs that I co-wrote on it back in 1996.  But “Consider This” was the record that saw 4 of the 8 tracks go to radio and make a major impact in jump-starting my career in country music.  Starting with the title track “Consider This”, which I co-wrote with fellow British Columbian and mentor Rick Tippe, to “You Can’t Say That I Didn’t Love You” along with their videos really got my career rolling in the right direction.  Some classic “early Aaron” on this album.

Track List

  1. "Consider This"

  2. "You Can't Say I Didn't Love You"

  3. "What Some People Throw Away"

  4. "Heart Like a Hurricane"

  5. "The Last Goodbye"

  6. "Bad for Good"

  7. "Perfectly Blue"

  8. "Tip Jars and Tear Drops"